Our sale items are only available at these prices online via the GSI Web Store. You will not find them at any of our dealers at these prices. Check out our range of surfboards, including Longboards, Shortboards, Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs) and Paddles, in a variety of constructions.

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Surfboards for Sale

Searching for top-quality surfboards and SUPs at discounted prices? Look no further than our current surfboard sale. Our range includes a variety of shortboards, longboards, and SUPs, perfectly suited to elevate your surfing experience.

At Global Surf Industries, our mission is to equip surfers and paddlers with the best gear at wallet-friendly prices. We are proud to provide a diverse array of surfboards and SUPs from the leading brands in the industry.

Our sale features surfboards from renowned brands such as 7S, Salt Gypsy, and Creative Army, ensuring you receive premium products at exceptional prices. Explore our high-quality selection today—after all, Life is Better When You Surf®.

Our Shortboards for Sale

Ideal for managing steep, fast-breaking waves and executing quick maneuvers, our shortboards are perfect for both seasoned surfers and novices aiming to enhance their skills. Our discounted shortboards come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to find the perfect match for your surfing style.

Longboard Surfboards on Sale

For those who prefer a traditional surf experience, our longboards are the answer. Our sale includes both classic and contemporary designs, enabling you to select a board that suits your style and skill level. Longboards are excellent for catching smaller waves and offer a stable ride, making them suitable for all surfers.

SUPs for Sale

Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is an increasingly popular sport offering a fun, gentle workout on any water body. Our sale includes both inflatable and hard-shell SUPs at reduced prices, ideal for anyone eager to engage in this exhilarating sport without overspending.

Discount Surfboards and SUPs Near You

Available Online Global Surf Industries provides an extensive selection of discounted surfboards and SUPs online, catering to all skill levels. Our boards are ready to ship directly to your door, allowing you to start your surfing adventures as soon as possible. Whether you're an experienced surfer or paddler, or just beginning, our diverse range of online sale of surfboards and SUPs at discounted prices has something for everyone. Explore our selection online today and secure the board of your dreams at a great price.