How to insert FCSII fins into your Surfboard or SUP.

The FCSII (or often called FCS 2) system makes it easy to install and remove your fins in seconds.

Identify the centre and side FCSII fins.

The side fins have a flat surface on the inside face, and a convex foil on the outside face. The convex or curved side of the fin always faces out, and should be positioned in the front plugs.

Centre fins have a symmetric 50/50 foil and are used in the rear plug.

To attach the FCS II fins to your surfboard or SUP.

The fin is secured into the board using a barrel mechanism that locks into the recess in the rear fin tab.

Before you install your fins you should ensure you board is on a stable surface to avoid damage, and it’s also a good idea to have one hand under the rail for support.

To insert the fin push the front of the fin into the plug first so the ridge inside the plug engages with the recess in the forward tab. Once engaged, simply apply downward pressure until the fin clicks into place.

To remove the FCS II fins from your surfboard or SUP.

To remove the fins, firmly hold the top of the fin with one hand, and with the other hand brace the fin between your thumb and pointer finger, while keeping the back of that hand on the board for support. Using both hands to encourage the motion, lift and roll the fin up and forward towards the nose. The fin should release from the plug, and roll out easily.

TIP: Before installing your fins always ensure your board is on a stable surface to avoid any damage, and it’s also a good idea to put your hand under the rail for support.